Why NOW is the Best Time to Start Your Own Podcast

Believe about this: When you have a podcast, you are in your target markets ears for 20 to 60 minutes. This is intimate, one-on-one time with no interruptions or competition for their attention.
If you desire to……. – reach an audience – sell service or products – make essential networking connections – build a service.
… … and you do not already have a podcast, I d like to suggest that today is the ideal time to begin one.
Its like that saying, The finest time to plant a tree is 20 years back, and the 2nd best time is right now. Perhaps the very best time to begin a podcast was a year ago, however today is almost as good because unlike nearly any other medium, there is still lots of room for you in podcasting.
5 years from now? Youll either have numerous episodes in your pocket and an audience of several hundred thousand (millions maybe?) Due to the fact that you didnt begin a podcast this year, or youll be kicking yourself HARD.
Have you noticed how popular podcasting is ending up being? Surely by now you recognize that podcasting is here to stay if you had doubts prior to.
– At the time of this writing, there are over 2 million podcasts and over 48 million episodes. – 37% of the United States population listens to podcasts each month. – Podcast listeners listen to approximately 7 various programs weekly – 93% listen to all or many of each episode.
Heres the secret every podcaster understands: Almost no one who ever started a podcast was truly “prepared”. Thats since you know how to TALK, and if you can talk, you can do a podcast.
A few brief years from now everyone and their pet dog will have their own podcast. If you begin podcasting NOW, your competitors will be about 2-5% of what it will be in a couple of years. That suggests it will be 20 to 50 times EASIER to develop an audience now than it will be later on.
How do you start?
Perhaps you must do a lot of research study, purchase some podcasting how-to courses, and take the next year to figure it all out. Yeah. Since that always works, does not it?
Then a year from now you will be precisely where you are today– no podcast, if you take that path.
I d like to suggest a various technique, one in which you merely leap in and start. No muss, no difficulty. You simply do it.
If NO ONE hears your very first few broadcasts, it doesnt matter. Those are for practice anyhow. The point is to get started NOW, to figure out what youre doing, and a month from now you can have a genuine podcast with a real audience.
Your very first few podcasts can be for practice while you learn. And learn you will. A month from now you can have podcasting experience under your belt in addition to a growing audience. Stop considering podcasting and just begin doing it.
Need more inspiration?
Check out this list of podcasting truths from PodcastHosting.org:.
– 75% of the US population is familiar with the term “podcasting” – 50% of all US houses are podcast fans – 55% (155 million) of the US population has listened to a podcast – 37% (104 million) listen to podcasts a minimum of each month – 24% (68 million) listen to podcasts weekly – 16 million individuals in the US are “avid podcast fans” – 51% of podcast listeners are male, 49% female.
Age of listeners: – 12-34: 48% – 35-54: 32% – 55+: 20%.
– 41% of monthly podcast listeners have family income over $75K (vs 29% for US population) – 25% of US podcast listeners have a 4-year college degree (vs 19% of United States population) – 51% employed full-time (vs 44% of United States population).
Do you offer anything in your company?
Yeah, stupid concern.
Take a look at these advertising stats:.
– 81% of podcast listeners focus on podcast advertisements – 63% state they sometimes or constantly ignore television commercials – 66% in some cases or constantly ignore digital ads – 61% in some cases or constantly overlook billboards – 59% in some cases or always disregard radio commercials – 60% of podcast listeners have actually purchased something from a podcast ad – 72% of individuals who have listened to a podcast for 4 or more years have purchased – 54% are most likely to consider the brand name marketed (only 7% are less most likely).
You might think you need costly devices to develop a podcast, but you can start with just your mobile phone and upgrade later. Heres whatever you require to understand about podcasting from your mobile phone: www.rode.com/blog/all/How-To-Record-a-Podcast-on-Your-Phone.
You can even utilize a service to manage all of the podcast details for you, so that all you need to do is the real podcast. Just look for “provided for you podcasting” and youll discover a variety of choices. As long as you can speak, there just is no reason any longer for not podcasting, while there are plenty of factors to begin your own podcast today:.
The very same individual who will not check out a 10-minute blog post will typically listen to a 60 minute podcast. If you want to be understood as a leader in your industry, start a podcast and bring on experts. Real estate representative turned business owner John Lee Dumas earns $46,000 a month from his podcast, Entrepreneur on Fire.
I know podcasting sounds frightening. What if you cant believe what to state?
See? No more excuses.
One last thing: Heres a fast list of a lot more reasons for you to start podcasting this year and yes, this MONTH:.
– You will construct relationships and customer commitment. – Youll delight in the fun of using running jokes and themes with your audience. – Its simple– far easier even than you think.v – Listeners can listen whenever they like, even at 3 in the morning. – Subscribers get episodes downloaded automatically on their gadgets. – All you require to begin is a smart device, internet connection and software application. A laptop computer is great, too, however not required. – No one can SEE you, so bad hair days, unpleasant offices and pink polka-dotted pajamas dont indicate a thing. – You can build your audience. – Improve conversions through trust. Ive seen podcast regulars buy products based entirely on the recommendation of the podcaster, no sales copy needed. A survey of 300,000 podcast listeners found that 63% of them bought something a host advised on their program. – Talking is much easier than writing. Far easier. SO MUCH simpler. – Your audience can hear your feelings. Its not easy to make psychological connections in composing, but it is through speech. Listeners know when youre pleased, when youre upset about something, when youre laughing, when youre serious and so forth, and it helps to construct connection. Why did individuals fall for Oprah? Some state its because she enabled herself to end up being deeply emotional on air, developing a bond with the audience that lasts to this day. – Authority. If you want authority in your specific niche, you need to either produce videos that include yourself, do or compose best-selling books podcasting. Thats optional however even better if you can do two of those. – Money. Sell advertising. Handle sponsors. Promote your own products. Do JVs with your visitors. There are lots of chances to generate income with a podcast.
Can you truly afford not to have your own podcast? I do not think so…….
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If you currently have an effective, popular podcast, then you already know the power of podcasting to create an audience, to construct reliability, to make connections with the lobbyists in your niche and to offer a lot of item.

– 37% of the United States population listens to podcasts every month. If you start podcasting NOW, your competition will be about 2-5% of what it will be in a couple of years. You can even utilize a service to deal with all of the podcast details for you, so that all you have to do is the actual podcast. As long as you can speak, there merely is no reason any longer for not podcasting, while there are plenty of factors to begin your own podcast today:.
A study of 300,000 podcast listeners found that 63% of them bought something a host suggested on their show.

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