Who’s your audience?

But heres the odd part… … the email was composed by a person in his early to mid-20s and evaluating by the language he utilized, it was also targeted to that very same group– 20 something males.
What guy in his 20s has an interest in investing hours a day getting in contests to win home appliances and present certificates and what not?
I suspect the target audience for something like this is individuals over 40, most likely woman, who have a long time on their hands. You might discuss how they can get in these contests while theyre standing in line, while on their commute (assuming theyre not driving) while theyre viewing tv and so forth. And I d discuss the trips they can win, the cash prizes, and yes, the present certificates and devices, too.
This 20 something marketer will start making more sales when he starts choosing items to promote that interest the kind of audience he is bring in to his newsletter– 20 something males.
An online marketer has to know his or her audience and understand what they want, what suits their lifestyle, and what will bring them the advantages they seek. Keep this top of mind when you are selecting items to promote, and how to promote them.
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I got an e-mail recently promoting contests, telling me how I can end up being a big winner if I understand contesting tricks etc. Which is real, there really are methods to winning a great deal of stuff through contests.

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