What’s in a Pen Name? Profits.

I know a few readers are going to differ with what Im about to say.

Thats fine. If you do not like this or you think its morally incorrect, then just dont do it.
For everybody else, riddle me this:
What do Abigail Van Buren (Dear Abby), Anne Hathaway, Ann Rice, Ayn Rand, Dr. Seuss, Eckhart Tolle, Ellery Queen, George Eliot, George Orwell, James Herriot, John le Carre, Lewis Carroll, Mark Twain, O. Henry, Voltaire and Woody Allen all have in common?
None of these people technically exist, due to the fact that theyre all pen names.
Recently on the Warrior Forum I saw an old thread with a question that went something like this:
” Im considering utilizing a pen name when I go into a new niche. Is that alright, or am I breaking some sort of guideline?”
Responses varied from a friendly, “Theres nothing wrong with that, go for it.”
… to an upset, “Whats your problem and why are you attempting to conceal? Are you a fraud artist or something?”
If pen names are a standard for whether or not youre a scammer, someone better inform the writers and the descendants of writers listed above– I think theyll be shocked.
From a marketing standpoint, pen names frequently make more sense than using your real name.
Youve got a good reputation online as the go-to individual in a specific niche. If you use the same name, readers in BOTH specific niches will be puzzled.
Another example: Youve got an excellent track record in internet marketing. You build rapport with your list and you only attempt to sell them something from time to time. However you desire to attempt the burn and churn approach of marketing, in which you promote items numerous times per DAY through e-mail. Naturally you will want to use a various name for this list.
( Churn and burn is getting as lots of people on your list as possible, and promoting to them like insane till they cant take it any longer and get off of your list.).
And by the way, no matter how much you and I dont care for the burn and churn technique, the fact is that its highly successful. Which is why so lots of big-name online marketers use a pen name to run their own churn and burn lists.
Another usage for a pen name: You can recommend products produced by your pen name, and have your pen name advise your products. Once again, a great deal of huge name online marketers do this. Im not advocating this approach, but it does work.
Ive also understood marketers who just worked under a pen name and never under their own name. Generally this is because they have a name that is virtually unpronounceable and unspellable by the majority of people on earth, so truly its a concern of branding.
And speaking of branding, you could always pick a name that fits your specific niche particularly well. If your niche is gardening, then calling yourself Rosemary Greenfield or some such may be a great touch.
There is one factor for using a pen name that– in my viewpoint – – beats them all, and its this:.
You can then SELL that whole service to someone else when you use a pen name to construct a whole service. They keep the pen name, and clients do not even necessarily understand it altered hands.
If anything goes wrong with business after you offer it– for example, the brand-new owner doesnt provide on the promises of the organization– it will not affect you or your reputation in any way due to the fact that your name has never ever been associated with it.
Bottom Line: There is nothing dishonest about using a pen name. Theyve been used for centuries by a few of the very best authors in their field.
And there are some dynamite advantages to using one.
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If you use the very same name, readers in BOTH specific niches will be puzzled. Naturally you will desire to utilize a different name for this list.
Another use for a pen name: You can suggest products produced by your pen name, and have your pen name suggest your products. Again, a lot of huge name marketers do this. The post Whats in a Pen Name?

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