Tiny Niches = Big Profits?

What about HUGE Niches and MASSIVE Profits?
There is a lots of marketing recommendations online about niching things down until you get to a small, fanatical group of people who will buy anything and everything because niche.

… How numerous people like to consume excellent food? I likewise provide a totally free bonus offer if they buy the item. One last faster way: A lot of affiliate deals will start out with a totally free report or video. Make an offer with the item owner to get that report or video in the hands of your readers yourself. That way youre utilizing their freebie to segment your list, and the affiliate product owner is still making sales.

And this is great advice– I use it myself and follow everything the time.
… you know how I like to be contrary. Sort of like, if everyone is selling stock, Im buying. Im selling if theyre buying.
And if theyre niching things down to the ludicrous, I attempt pursuing HUGE niches that have a TON of individuals in them.
… How lots of individuals like to consume good food? LOTS of people.
So I got to thinking … What if you made an offer that attracted a lots of individuals?
For instance, how to take getaways free of charge.
This isnt anything questionable– it truly is possible to take complimentary holidays. In reality, there are several various approaches of doing it.
So I promote this complimentary deal: “How to take vacations for totally free.”
And then I bill myself to my brand-new customers (using a pen name) as the person that will hook them up with truly excellent totally free stuff, like the complimentary trips details.
If they liked that one, they will LOVE what I have coming up, so view your email …
… you get the ideaConcept
Then I send them totally free deals.
For example, a totally free report or video on how to get all the dates they desire.
They opt-in to a new list to get that report or video, and now I have actually a targeted list of people who want dating information.
Or I offer a giveaway on how to conserve tons of cash on groceries, or how to make more money, or how to slim down, or whatever.
Generally every deal I make is going to be directly tied into an affiliate item such as a ClickBank product.
They get the free report or video, and at the end of it I make a soft sell for the ClickBank item.
I likewise use a complimentary perk if they buy the item. All they need to do is email me their ClickBank receipt, and I send the bonus offer. By doing this I can also separate my buyers from my potential customers.
As I get these segmented lists, I continue to send them free deals that result in paid offers.
And I make bank, all due to the fact that I start out drawing in as lots of people as possible and then segmented them down by interest.
Now then, you may be questioning how this is much better than merely targeting a little specific niche in the very first location.
Honestly, I dont know if its much better, but it is various and it does work. And it permits me to construct several lists simultaneously from the same main traffic source.
One person can be on several of my segmented lists. For instance, theyre interested in holidays, dating and dieting – – three different lists, 3 opportunities to sell them items.
Using this approach, its extremely easy to build a large list rapidly. And if I wish to instantly benefit, I offer a one-time deal after they get the preliminary giveaway.
The genuine reward is when I start segmenting into smaller, more targeted lists. And obviously its good to have (for example) 10 lists in 10 different specific niches, because now I have 10 different profit centers, all coming from the same preliminary source.
The secret is to expense yourself as the go-to individual for great free stuff, and after that be that individual. When you use a free video or report or whatever, its got to be chock filled with dynamite info they can utilize right away.
Tell them what to do, for instance, but not how to do it. The “how to” is in the paid product.
Or tell them the difficult technique to accomplish something, and after that offer the easy approach as a paid product.
And you do not need to produce any items yourself– just use the ones on ClickBank. You might be creating brief totally free reports or videos, which of course you can always outsource.
One last shortcut: A lot of affiliate offers will start with a complimentary report or video. Negotiate with the product owner to get that report or video in the hands of your readers yourself. That way youre using their giveaway to segment your list, and the affiliate item owner is still making sales.
There may be a life lesson in this– when others are all doing the same thing, think of how you may do the opposite. In some cases it can actually settle in a huge method.
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