This Lead Magnet Doubles List Opt-ins

Heres the issue– EVERYONE and their uncle is providing some kind of incentive to get individuals to join their lists. And due to the fact that of this, visitors have become more and more careful about handing out their email address.
What can you do to increase and possibly even DOUBLE your opt-in rate?
Change things up a bit, like this:
Step 1: Create a dynamite lead magnet with excellent details on how to do something. For example, possibly its a case study: “How Janis Smythe made $4,294 in 12 days utilizing XXX technique.”
Start Googling if youre simply beginning out and you need a case study to use. Do not forget to let the individual understand youre doing a case research study on them, due to the fact that in this case you really should get consent first.
Or leave out the names and fictionalize the personal information. That works, too.
Action 2: Write an outstanding sales page. Yes, youre providing the report away, but you still need to attract individuals into desiring it.
Step 3: At the bottom of the page, and possibly to the right also, put a download button. Thats right– no opt-in kind at this moment, just a download it now button.
Step 4: Split your report into two areas. The very first section is the introduction and summary. What theyll require to do this, just how much cash they can make and the success they can have, etc. Do not make direct guarantees, obviously. Follow the law.
The second half of the report is the reward, the actual technique and how to do it step by step. On the bottom of the first section, inform the readers that the action by step blueprint is in Part 2.
Sneaky, best? It gets much better:
Location TWO links on the last page of the first area– one where they pay $17 to purchase the 2nd half of the report…….
And a second link where they get the report free of charge in exchange for their email address.
Both links go to the same webpage.
Step 5: Create the web page for the 2nd half of the report. Give them the choice to pay $17 and the alternative to get it in exchange for their e-mail address.
You should get incredibly high opt-ins using this method. Having the payment button there makes it appear like they are getting a very good offer by providing you their email address.
And unusually enough, from time to time someone will in fact pay for the second half of the report. Do not ask me why, but they do. Whichs fine too.
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Step 4: Split your report into two areas. The very first section is the intro and summary. What theyll need to do this, how much cash they can make and the success they can have, and so forth. Dont make direct pledges, of course. And oddly enough, once in a while somebody will actually pay for the 2nd half of the report.

Youre familiar with how lead magnets typically work– you offer visitors a report or some other incentive for joining your list. Depending upon your traffic source and the strength of your offer, your opt-in rate could be anything from nearly non-existent to 30% or more.

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