Simple Trick Increases Product Sales

This one is so easy, yet diabolically reliable……. When you initially introduce a new item to your list or your blog site readers, do you simply pop a link on there with a line of text and hope they click?
Naturally not. You present the product. You tell them whats excellent about it, how you utilize it, why it can alter their company or assist them accomplish their goal, and so on.
In other words, youre warming and presenting the item up your readers BEFORE you send them to the sales page.
Now heres the error I see marketers making all the time……. … when they first introduce the item, they make the effort to do everything we simply stated.
And they make sales.
Later on they decide to promote the item once again, only this time they forget a crucial action.
They slap that affiliate link or product connect up on social media and figure individuals will click it and buy the product.
They do not click.
Why not? Since theres no introduction to lure them to click and find out more.
Heres what you do…….
Take the copy you wrote in that e-mail or post that introduces the product, and give it a page of its own on your site. Include your affiliate link or sales link to the bottom.
Now when you promote the product on other locations and social media, send out visitors to your introduction page first. Ive seen this little method boost conversions 4 fold.
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