Punch THROUGH Your Income Goals

When you find out martial arts or the majority of any form of combating, among the strategies they teach you is to punch through your opponent.

Instead of aiming to punch your challengers face, you intend to punch a point simply behind their head.
This provides your punch much more force, since your target is well beyond their face. You need more effort to make it take place.
And in exerting more effort, you make your punch more powerful.
Plus, if your target is their nose, you will subconsciously pull your punch, indicating your fist will actually slow down as it approaches its mark.
Now then, lets state your earnings goal is $1,000 a week. Instead of aiming for $1,000, objective for $1,500.
You will need to work more difficult to reach this objective and push even more, with greater expectations. All of which will lead to a much better result.
And even if you pull your punch prior to you struck $1500, you will still go beyond the $1,000 objective. I know this sounds odd, however attempt it.
I believe youll be happily surprised at your results.
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