My Secret to Overcoming the Painful Trap of Perfectionism

The bright side is that thoughts like these are examples of defective thinking– malfunctioning belief systems that keep you stuck in perfectionism. By recognizing the specific ideas and beliefs that keep you stuck in perfectionism, you can begin to construct new, more useful idea patterns and belief systems.
I also stumbled upon another trick for getting rid of perfectionism.
The secret is that I became fine with being average. I worked to accept average.
If youre a perfectionist, you know that being called typical feels like the end of the world. Its an awful word to hear.
As a teen, a twenty-something, and even a thirty-something, my world would have come to an end if I had accepted being typical.
In some cases life has a way of making you much better.
Life has a way of putting things into your course and it provides opportunities for you to grow. Everybody has these chances at one point or another, but you need to see them and select to make the most of them.
There was a time not too long ago when I went through a truly hard time and needed to rebuild my life.
Looking back, I can see that the situation was an abrupt “lane-changer”– a push in a brand-new direction to make a change. I was not living my finest life and I wasnt suggested to remain stuck in that lane. I had problem with depression and anxiety, much of which was set off by perfectionism.
By working on ideas like the ones I listed above, and working to accept decreasing my standards– the ones that informed me that achievement and success were the only method I would deserve anything– I gradually discovered to change my old standards with this one:.
Just more than happy.
Discovering to make this my standard led me to a place where I am all right with being average. Eek! I said it. Typical.
Today, I can truthfully say that Im pretty pleased with being average. While its created more space for me to stop working, at the same time its developed the space for me to be successful.
The distinction is that my self-respect isnt connected to whether I fail or are successful.
Heres how I look at it:.
Im really proficient at some things, however Im not great at other things. You are really good at some things. And you arent excellent at other things too. The good and the not-so-good all balance out.
At the end of the day, we are all simply average humans. Were people attempting to live the best life we can.
Dont you think that if we all dropped our quest to be best, or better than everybody else, we d feel a little better? Do not you feel like we d all be a bit more connected?
If you struggle with perfectionism, I welcome you to take an appearance at the list of restricting beliefs above and see what resonates for you. Attempt on those new beliefs and develop them up with new proof to support them.
And along the way, deal with accepting that you suffice, even if youre average.

Perfectionists obsess over mistakes, even when its not likely that anybody else even discovered.
Their self-confidence depends on being ideal.
They think in white and black– things are either good or bad. Perfect or failure.
When they do not satisfy them, they have impractical expectations and crazy-high standards for themselves and beat themselves up.
They put up a front that everything is best, even when its not, due to the fact that the idea of another person seeing their flaw is intolerable.
Despite their quest for perfection, they dont feel anywhere near to ideal.
They cant accept being second-best at something. Thats failure.
They spend excessive time on projects due to the fact that theyre constantly improving one last thing.
They invest a great deal of time searching for external approval.
No matter what they do, they dont feel sufficient.

About Kortney RivardKortney Rivard is a licensed life coach living in the Washington, DC location. A former aerospace engineer who discovered herself desiring a more fulfilling life, she is devoted to assisting women who are all set to stop brushing their dreams aside find the guts to pursue their dreams and produce a life theyre thrilled to awaken to. Have a look at her podcast, Real, Brave & & Unstoppable HERE and discover more about her work at

“A significant life is not being abundant, being popular, or being perfect. Its about being real, being simple, having the ability to share ourselves and touch the lives of others.” ~ Unknown.
Hey there, Im Kortney, and Im a recovering perfectionist.
Like so much of us, I invested the majority of my life believing that unless something was ideal, it wasnt proficient at all. There was truly no in-between. If it wasnt perfect, it was a failure.
One of the problems with perfectionism is that its common to believe its a positive thing. In our society, individuals tend to value it. You should be accomplished if youre someone that intends for excellence. Driven. Smart.
Have you ever had a sense of pride over being called a perfectionist?
I have.
Have you ever considered why?
Promoting my own experience, when someone called me a perfectionist, I seemed like even though I didnt think I was perfect, it implied that they were perceiving me as being perfect. They saw me as being one of the finest, or as somebody who was gifted. It was validation that I was seen as somebody who was proficient at things.
My wild thirst for this sort of recognition fed the perfectionist machine for several years.
If youre wondering what it suggests to be a perfectionist, here are a few characteristics:.

At one point in my life, all of those bullet points described me well. I squandered a lot time stressing over approval and validation so that I might feel like I was amazing. However I never ever felt even near to amazing. I never felt sufficient at anything.
Sure, there were times when I seemed like I was proficient at something, but then I needed to raise the bar. Simply being excellent at something wasnt enough. There was always another level to reach. The bar kept getting higher and higher, which isnt always a bad thing for individuals who are making every effort to make enhancements in a healthy method, however for a perfectionist whose self-regard hinges on reaching the bar every time its raised, its not a favorable.
It was exhausting.
After a lot of battle in my life, I understood I needed to explore my perfectionist methods and find a method to be more caring toward myself. Perfectionism was holding me back from loving my life.
I began to recognize that I had many beliefs that were engraved into my brain that werent handy. Beliefs that I never believed to concern. These beliefs also seriously impeded my capability to be happy and to live the life I wished to live.
We all have belief systems that we dont truly think to concern. If we actually take an action back to discover that these thought patterns that hinder our ability to grow and advance are there, we can begin to question them.
Some common limiting beliefs that keep people stuck in perfectionism are:.

Individuals reward me for having high standards. They are amazed and I acquire approval.
When I am aiming for big things or accomplishing, the only time I get favorable attention is.
If I slip up, Im a failure.
If just I can make so-and-so proud with my achievements, he/she will enjoy me, and Ill enjoy.
If I stop working, I am useless. Failing is not alright.
If I do not examine over whatever numerous times, Ill miss something and appear like an idiot.
My accomplishments are worthless if theyre not best (i.e.: getting a “B” rather of an “A” in a class is a failure),.
If others see my defects, I wont be accepted. They will not like me.

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“A meaningful life is not being abundant, being popular, or being ideal. Like so many of us, I invested the higher part of my life believing that unless something was perfect, it wasnt great at all. After a lot of struggle in my life, I understood I needed to explore my perfectionist ways and find a way to be more compassionate towards myself. These beliefs also seriously prevented my capability to be delighted and to live the life I wanted to live.
A former aerospace engineer who discovered herself wanting a more fulfilling life, she is dedicated to helping women who are ready to stop brushing their dreams aside discover the guts to go after their dreams and develop a life theyre thrilled to wake up to.

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