Making Daily Money from Freebie Seekers

Heres a clever concept for earning money with your list:

You have a list of buyers and a list of prospects?
Lease your list of potential customers to product owners, marketing their “Product of the Day.”
This is different, because almost all solo ad sellers wont let ad purchasers send traffic straight to a sales page– they need to send it to a squeeze page.
Some product sellers want to focus only on getting sales, which is where your “Product of the Day” series comes in.
Every day, you lease your list of prospects to item owners. Youre not sacrificing your own purchasers, and youre providing online marketers a possibility to make sales straight from your list, using your excellent name for added trustworthiness.
Its a nice method to monetize all those freebie hunters who for one factor or another arent drawn in to your products.
Keep in mind, even if they have not bought your product yet does not suggest they will not be enticed by another persons item.
On a day that you dont sell an ad to your list, you could promote affiliate products… … The sky is the limit!
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