How to Retire in 5 Years

Are you going to work like crazy for 5 years (take or offer) so you can retire?

Ive got a service plan for you if so. And I do not care if youre 20 or 70 – – this can
work. One note before we get going: Anything that you either cant do, do not wish to do or do not have time to do, you outsource.
If youre going to really, actually, truly retire in 5 years, taking this from zero to a 7-figure payday, then you need to get work done FAST.
And in a lot of cases thats going to mean outsourcing a few of this.
Oh yes, did you see how I covertly slipped that “7 figure payday” in there? Im major about that. Doing what Im about to set out for you, you can indeed retire in about 5 years with about 7 figures.
Your outcomes may differ– in truth, they may be a lot better than that, I do not understand.
Lets get going:
What Im about to propose isnt rocket science. Its not even new. It is profitable, and heres the secret:
You can do this in parallel, meaning rather of doing simply ONE of what Im detailing, you do numerous.
I recommend 3 – – 5 of
them. What youre going to do is develop an entire business from the ground up, with an eye on selling it.
Thats right– the whole time youre doing this, you have your exit technique in mind.
Its sort of like someone marrying for money, knowing theyre going to be requesting for a divorce in 5 years. The cash is a safe bet, they just have to put in the time and work.
Okay, that was maybe a bad example, however you understand.
If you put in the time and do the work, you will get the cash.
Youre going to select a very popular and not too broad topic. For instance, weight-loss for busy females, dating for guys, traffic generation for online marketers, etc.
It needs to be a subject that has lots of interested people ready to purchase lots of products, and obviously there requires to be plenty of affiliate items continually coming into the market.
Now that youve got your subject, youre going to build a sales funnel.
Run a free deal on a squeeze page to get customers and place a couple of items in your funnel for them to buy.
Perhaps youve got a $7 report and a $37 video course, or whatever.
These ought to be quality items that YOU own. And yes, they can be developed around PLR, or you can contract out, and so on.
For your high-ticket offer, create a membership website and drip feed material into it. Your goal is to get great deals of people into that subscription website.
I know what youre believing– hence far I havent informed you anything new, other than for the truth that youre doing all of this with an eye to offering it.
Who does this? Very couple of people, but those who do end up with BIG paydays.
Do whatever under a pen name.
Make no mistake– EVERYTHING needs to be under your pen name.
And for each of these companies that you develop, you require a various pen name.
Okay, youve got a capture page to catch names, a funnel with a low-priced product, a mid-priced item and a subscription site.
Now you need a blog site. Get a great logo, excellent branding and make it look extremely professional. Do NOT stint the branding and logo design.
Post on the blog site a minimum of a couple of times a week, ideally more.
Link from the blog to your totally free and paid items.
Make each upsell in your funnel a stand-alone product, too, and promote those on your blog.
Promote affiliate items to your list to make some great money as you go along.
Now compose a book. See? I told you there was work included. You can use content from your blog site to develop your book, or work with someone, or just compose it yourself.
Link from inside the book to a squeeze page to record more customers.
Get a terrific book cover. I imply a cover that looks like it needs to be on the New York Times bestseller list. Do not cut corners on this, either.
Put your book on Amazon and get your customers to evaluate it for you. Yes, the book is under your pen name, too.
Dont fret too much about promoting the book. Your real inspiration here is to construct credibility. When you put the thumbnail at the TOP of your blog, a book on your topic with your pen name on it looks AWESOME.
Wow! You (your pen name, really) are an EXPERT.
Cross promote from any existing lists you need to get more people onto your brand-new blog site and get more subscribers there.
If you develop a big item such as a $200 – – $1,000 course, get affiliates to promote it. Or get affiliates to promote your memberships website.
Your goal is to build your list BIG, make some nice income along the way, and assembled a very professional looking organization which you then sell for six or 7 figures.
You will have an AWESOME retirement in about 5 years or so if you do this all at once in 3 to 5 various niches.
What I suggest: Start in ONE niche and get whatever into location. Employ someone to compose the article for you and do some promo.
Now that you understand whatever that is included, take a few of the profits from your first site/ list/ business and those earnings to outsource a great deal of the operate in your 2nd, 3rd, and fourth services.
You see where this is going. Five years of effort, in addition to rolling a few of your profits back into business, and you then get to sell them.
Websites like these that have items, huge lists and a BOOK sell for a healthy six figure earnings. And youre going to have 3, 4, perhaps 5 of them.
Remember to keep everything separate on each website. Separate hosting. Separate autoresponders. Separate everything. This makes it super simple to turn control over to another person when the time comes.
Turnkey online company are always in need. From a buyers point of view, they pay a big portion of money however then they get a guaranteed stream of earnings. All the purchaser needs to do is continue what you started.
You can even turn over your outsourcers to the buyer if they dont wish to do the work themselves, and often they wont. For them its a financial investment in their future. For you its a significant payday and an aircraft journey to the islands.
One more thing … if you want to continue to make a great, easy earnings after you offer your sites, then I advise you promote your own individual website to the folks on these lists youre constructing.
For example, your pen name is Jon Smith. Your real name is Abby Jones. Jon Smith often recommends Abby Jones product or blog site or giveaway to his readers.
Therefore you get individuals signed up for your list, too, who get to know you, not just your pen name.
You retire, and you can continue to send out emails promoting affiliate items.
So not only do you get a big payday– you likewise get some large lists of your own that you can continue to promote items to.
Keep in mind– 5 years of hard work, and then you can retire.
No task worldwide that I understand of, uses you a retirement plan like that.
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If so, Ive got a company plan for you. One note prior to we get begun: Anything that you either cant do, do not want to do or dont have time to do, you outsource.
Get a great logo design, excellent branding and make it look incredibly expert. Get a fantastic book cover. From a buyers point of view, they pay a big portion of money however then they get a guaranteed stream of income.

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