How to Remember & Use What You Read

You read a week and a book later on you barely remember a thing.

You see a video and a day later on its lost from your memory…….
The fix? Always jot down your 3 most significant takeaways from anything nonfiction that you check out or view.
Keep a note pad or file just for this purpose. Review it often. And put those 3 things to operate in your life as quickly as you perhaps can.
The worlds knowledge and secrets is at your fingertips inside books old and brand-new. A number of the worlds biggest teachers and effective people share their tricks and methods inside the pages of a book.
When you check out for learning, you are only moments away from finding some brand-new details that can change the course of your life in brand-new and much better directions.
You need to take action.
And you should REMEMBER the insights that truly matter.
Read to learn and grow, and keep in mind to make a note of your three most significant takeaways from each session, and then act on what you are finding out so that it ends up being internalized wisdom.
Start doing this, and every day can be a much better day as you soak up the knowledge of the happiest, healthiest and most affluent people on the planet, and incorporate it into your life so that you can be one of them too! Write your own book for other people to remember!
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