How to Reduce Blog Spam and Increase Quality Comments

The problem is, of course, that a lot of comments spam either are or they dont add anything to the conversation. Your comment may be, “Thanks for examining out my post. One more thing, and this is a little tricky– up-vote your own comment to keep it at the top. Odds are others will begin up-voting it as well, but it does not harmed to add your own up-votes. You want your comment to be the first one individuals read.

Google says that a healthy, active online community is among the signals they try to find to identify your blog sites quality. Comments are thought about part of your material, so the much better they are, the much better your blog site performs in search results page.

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The problem is, naturally, that a great deal of comments are either spam or they do not add anything to the discussion. For example, “Great post!” and “Love it!” may feed your ego, however thats about it.
So how do you motivate individuals to leave thoughtful, well-written comments that include to the discussion?
By utilizing a seed question.
Be the first one to comment on your own post once you upload your post. For example, lets say you wrote a post entitled 7 Ways to Get Free Traffic.
Your comment may be, “Thanks for having a look at my post. I thought I d kick off discussion with a few questions about how you secure free traffic. Whats your preferred method? How much time and resources does it take? And how reliable has it been up until now? I would like to hear from you on this.”
Youll likely discover that more of the remarks you receive really ADD to the discussion when you do this.
Another thing, and this is a little sly– up-vote your own comment to keep it at the top. Odds are others will begin up-voting it also, however it does not injured to include your own up-votes. You desire your comment to be the very first one individuals read.
Attempt this strategy out on the next post you write, and I wager youll significantly increase the quality and quantity of comments you receive.
Not only can this help you with the advancement of your own neighborhood and search engine rankings, youll also likely find the seeds of motivation for future blog site posts as you engage with your blog readers in this way.

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