How to Make More Sales Being Contrary

Heres something Ive been playing with, and my results have actually been quite excellent, too. Do the opposite of what everyone else is doing…….

A few months ago a good friend was launching a big product with lots of prize money for the leading affiliates. I understood there would be tons of affiliate competitors, with every affiliate attempting to out-do the others with bigger and much better bonuses.
How to complete?
I decided not to.
Instead, I thought about what every affiliates bonus offer pages would look like: Highly polished, slick, expert, great deals of graphics, videos, etc.
Chances are they would all start to look very much alike?
So I believed … What if I did something different?
What if my page appeared like something you might get in the mail– white and black sales letter, using the Courier typewriter font style, very old-school looking …
And what if, instead of an extremely refined expert picture of myself, I used one where I simply got up? Or one where I simply ended up exercising, or simply completed the yard work?
In other words, I appeared like the guy next door and not some slick marketer.
Taking this believing to the next level, I decided I didnt wish to hang out or money on developing a bonus offer. Everyone else was doing that, so why should I?
Rather, I would hold a live class. The homework would be to review the program prior to class. Then in class we would carry out, detailed, what was in the program. And I would tape the entire thing, so people could just follow along.
In case youre wondering– it worked perfectly. My sales were a very decent 5 figure number, and my commissions were half that plus rewards.
And another thing– I cheated, too. I had my virtual assistant run the class for me. She got to discover some fantastic new abilities, and I put less than 2 hours into the whole task.
The takeaway: When you have a great deal of competition, its time to stop directly competing and discover another way.
If they are using tons of graphics and slick videos, you go with a 1980s white and black typewriter appearance.
If they are using reward bundles filled with 5, 10 or 20 items, you offer no products (I offered hold-your-hand training, which in my viewpoint is worth far more anyway.).
You understand.
Do you know what would work even better than that?
MAILING the actual letter. Yup. Talk about old school. If you collect real addresses of your BUYERS, you might think about doing this on big ticket items.
I understand online marketers who do this. They are rare, and they are KILLING it. They only mail to purchasers, which significantly enhances their conversions. They use a service to send the mailers for them. And they make more on among these mailings than many effective marketers earn in 6 months.
Which brings me to my 2nd concept … if you dont already have the mailing addresses for your buyers, begin gathering those now.
Ideally 500) approach a marketer with a product your list would like when you have a substantial portion of them (at least 200. Make certain there is plenty of earnings because product. Take the sales letter, adjust it to a black and white mailer (low-cost to produce) and send it to your buyers.
See what happens. Modify, duplicate and rinse.
You can quickly DOUBLE your income utilizing this method.
Know why? Again, since its contrary. Its different. Practically no one is doing it.
Your customer gets possibly a half dozen pieces of mail in a day. Two are costs. 2 are sales leaflets from local businesses. One is a brochure.
And after that theres that mystical white envelope. Yeah, its going to get opened. Yes, its going to get checked out.
Wow! Theyre surprised. Someone they understand from ONLINE is sending them REAL MAIL.
They do not throw it out. Instead, they open their internet browser, key in the URL and ORDER THE PROGRAM.
Sure, not everyone does, but … enough do.
Believe me, Ive seen this work time and time again. Which is why Im about to start sending out sales letters via snail mail (Shhh, do not tell anyone!).
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And they make more on one of these mailings than the majority of successful marketers earn in 6 months.
When you have a large part of them (at least 200, ideally 500) approach a marketer with an item your list would enjoy. Take the sales letter, adjust it to a black and white mailer (inexpensive to produce) and send it to your purchasers.
Your client gets possibly a half lots pieces of mail in a day. Someone they know from ONLINE is sending them REAL MAIL.

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