How to Make Everything Easier by Accepting the Present Moment

“The power of now can just be recognized now. It requires no time at all and effort. Effort suggests youre striving to get someplace therefore you are not present, inviting this moment as it is.” ~ Eckhart Tolle
Eight years back, I was really depressed. I desired absolutely nothing more than to stop feeling in this manner and imagined leaving my body. I had actually dealt with anxiety for several years, and I was horrified that I might feel that way permanently.
Somebody recommended I do a mindfulness-based course. This ended up being the one of the most helpful parts of my journey. The therapist recommended I required to learn to sit with my feelings rather of withstanding them, however this terrified me. I hesitated of my feelings, and I believed that accepting them suggested accepting they would be there permanently.
However as I practiced the skills of mindfulness and distress tolerance, I observed that when I accepted my emotions they frequently moved more quickly. Or at least I didnt make them even worse by stressing over them. I understood that I had been making the anxiety and stress and anxiety even worse by resisting my feelings.
Link to today Moment
Im guessing this is a typical battle, and the service can feel counter-intuitive. If they let themselves feel their emotions they will be taken over by them, many individuals fear that. When I make area for my feelings without acting on them, in some cases there is discomfort and I might cry, however it is a clean pain rather than a psychological anguish, and it does not last as long.
When my ideas start worrying me out, I likewise find that linking to the present minute helps me produce a little area in my mind.
Its simple to get caught up believing about the past, stressing about the future, or wanting the future would rush up and arrive. When I notice this happening now, I ground myself in the present moment by listening to the sounds around me, observing my feet touching the ground and my breath streaming in and out, and I feel calmer.
Observe Your Emotions and thoughts
Ive discovered to observe my ideas rather of attaching a story to them. Feelings cant last permanently on their own. I heard that the natural life expectancy of an emotion is about ninety seconds. We can keep them alive for longer by believing about them, being scared of them, and resisting them. Feelings, like whatever else in life, go and come.
When I had the ability to produce distance from my thoughts and not be consumed by my emotions, I had the ability to act to make my life better, even when I didnt seem like it. I did my finest to accept life as it was instead of focusing on how I would like it to be.
This doesnt mean I didnt still struggle at times, but welcoming the present moment helps me survive these times more constructively. If I had not already began learning these abilities prior to we fulfilled, I do not think my relationship with my partner would have worked.
Stop Resisting today
Quick forward a couple of years and I am in Colombia, South America, where my partner is from. I was visiting his family when Covid-19 hit.
Like lots of people, I no longer had the liberty and self-reliance that I was used to. Rather of living in the city like we had actually anticipated, we were remaining in his parents town, and my partner was working from house. I didnt have the option to sign up with a Spanish class or get a task like I had actually planned, and sometimes I felt lost. After six months of this I was getting desperate, however I couldnt take a trip house to Australia even if I wished to.
Throughout a tearful discussion, my partner suggested that maybe I was withstanding the circumstance excessive. There was absolutely nothing we could do about it, and I was just making it worse for myself by withstanding reality.
The next day my sis suggested I checked out The Power of Now, by Eckhart Tolle. I was advised that in the present minute in front of me everything was actually all right.
Stop the Mental Time Traveling
Just like when I was depressed, I thought, “I cant take this any longer! I began to delight in the free time and enjoy my time there understanding that absolutely nothing lasts permanently, good or bad.
These were all the things that I was doing in the past, however it felt various. I wasnt withstanding being in Colombia anymore, I was simply there.
I slowed down and let myself gaze up at the trees and listen to the birds. I enjoyed the possibility to be familiar with my in-laws and my fiancés culture. In some cases now, when I stop and listen to the silence, I feel a deep sense of peace and delight.
When You Can, take Action
Now, if there had been something that I could have done to alter things, of course I would have done it. When you stop resisting the present it permits you to see things as they really are.
When there is nothing we can do, accepting this present minute is frequently more powerful than fretting about all the minutes to come. Youll understand what to do when the time to act shows up.
Giving Up Saves Energy
Can you make area for any feelings that are present and allow them to move through you? Focus on the one breath you are taking right now.
Surrendering to today resembles floating on your back instead of surging around in the water attempting to get out. Trust that eventually you will wander safely to coast. This not only conserves energy, it enables you to delight in any positives in your existing situation, because much like the tough things the advantages wont last permanently either. Today moment is all we have, and in a way its all that is genuine.
Its a Practice
Im not naive adequate to believe that I will not have any more bad days. I hope that next time I will be able to capture myself a little sooner when I am resisting rather of just being in the present minute– where I undoubtedly find peace.

About Ella is a social employee who is enthusiastic about mental health. She enjoys composing, hiking and enjoying movies. You can find out more of her work at her blog Mind Balance Café.

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I was advised that in the present moment in front of me everything was actually fine. Can you make space for any emotions that are present and permit them to move through you? Giving up to the present is like floating on your back instead of thrashing around in the water trying to get out. The present minute is all we have, and in a way its all that is real.
I hope that next time I will be able to catch myself a little sooner when I am resisting rather of merely being in the present moment– where I undoubtedly find peace.

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