How to Launch a Sticky Continuity Course in One Day

Things initially– whats a sticky continuity course?

A continuity course is generally a subscription where you drip feed the information to the members.
Perhaps its on how to construct a list of 10,000 starving purchasers, or how to produce incredibly targeted traffic, or how to utilize social media to get new fans, customers and prospects.
The sticky part refers to keeping your members from leaving.
Once they get them, the greatest hurdle most memberships and connection courses face is in keeping their members.
And the greater the rate point, the harder it is to get them to stick month after month.
Heres what you do:

First choose your topic. Okay, you understood that currently.
The next thing is either compose your sales page or outsource it.
Next, write the very first module, or contract out that, too.

You can do these things in a day if youre hot to want and trot to launch tomorrow. Just put on your blinders, shut off all diversions and get busy.
Now then, how are you going to make it sticky?.
By asking your members what they desire to see next.
Establish a personal Facebook page and ASK them what they want.
Everyone wishes to feel like they become part of a neighborhood (for this reason the Facebook page) and EVERYONE wishes to provide their viewpoint and feel crucial.
Make your members feel important because– guess what– they are.
Inquire what they want and after that provide it to them… … ensured they will stick around.
Ive seen plenty of online marketers (myself included) make thousands of dollars doing this.
And all you require to start is a sales page and your first lesson. Whatever else comes later.
As soon as your course reaches its inevitable conclusion, youll have a complete subscription that you can continue to sell for a very long time to come– possibly years.
When you get tired of selling the memberships, you package the entire thing and offer it as a one-time deal.
When you get tired of that, you sell the rights to the course to other online marketers.
And all of it started with one lesson and one sales page that you can start on today!
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