Formula for Launching a Product to Your Own List

And by the way, this is an excellent way to test the waters on an item and see how well it transforms. Youll then be able to inform future affiliates what you did and how well it transformed when you go through this series.
Okay, so youve got an item youre going to be providing to your list for a limited time– lets say 3 days.
After the 3 days, either the product is no longer readily available, or the cost increases.
Yes, there is absolutely nothing incorrect with using special offers to your own list on your own item. In reality, I believe its a great concept, due to the fact that people on your list must be rewarded with unique deals no one else can get (tip tip!).
In this example youre going to be sending out an overall of 6 emails. Yes, you could do 5, or 7, or … however Ive found this series works well, so its what I do. Your mileage may vary.
I suggest you compose all 6 of your emails ahead of time, and heres why:.
You can arrange them and forget them. Great.
Second, you can see if the whole series flows and makes good sense.
Third, you will not forget to send out and write among the e-mails (I discovered that one the difficult way) due to the fact that theyve currently been composed and scheduled.
Your very first e-mail will head out the day BEFORE your launch, and it will say something like, “Watch your email tomorrow for a very unique restricted time deal for my customers ONLY. I believe youre going to love it!”.
This first email is low secret, short, fun, and only sells them on expecting the next email.
On the day of the launch, youll send out 2 emails, one first thing in the early morning and one in the evening.
How much selling you do is up to you. Typically, if Ive got an excellent sales page, then Im mostly selling them on clicking that link.
If my sales page is doing not have, then I do product selling right there in the e-mail.
The very first e-mail of the very first day of the launch gives all the terrific reasons to purchase, just abbreviated. I like my sales page to do the heavy lifting.
The 2nd email of that first day informs them how the launch is going, how numerous people are purchasing … that sort of thing.
Yes, its composed ahead of time, so yes, you now know one of my secrets– Im thinking how well it will be going when I write it.
On the next day I send one e-mail in the middle of the day to remind them that this deal isnt going to last, and to remind them of the huge advantage theyll obtain from the product.
On the last day I send two emails. The one in the morning says something like, “Last 24 hours.”.
The one at night says, “Last possibility, last email.”.
I get a LOT of my sales from that last email. In reality, that subject line, “Last opportunity, last e-mail” gets more opens than any of the other 5. Some people neglect the first 5 e-mails, open that 6th one and purchase.
Ive used this very same sequence of 6 emails sometimes because its efficient. It works. And it gives me plenty of sales which I can then reveal to affiliates to get them to come on board and do their own launches.
As mentioned earlier, I recommend you make a special deal that is offered just to your own list, however that does not necessarily indicate an unique rate. It could indicate a special perk that just they get. That way your affiliates can use it at the same price point to their lists, too.
Another thing: If youre only dealing with a handful of affiliates, you can make an unique page for each one that states, “Special deal for Jane Smiths subscribers just.”.
Ive found that utilizing this strategy increases conversions by about 10%, depending upon the deal and the list.
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In this example youre going to be sending out a total of 6 e-mails. I get a LOT of my sales from that final email. That subject line, “Last possibility, last email” gets more opens than any of the other 5. Some individuals overlook the first 5 emails, open that sixth one and purchase.
Ive used this same sequence of 6 emails lots of times since its effective.

Lets state youre resuming a membership for a restricted time, or youre introducing a product simply for your list.

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