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And as hes transitioning over, hes making one last deal to his IM list:
Think about it– he knows his niche. Addressing questions is pretty easy for him, Im sure. Hes likewise pointing to a resource for every response he offers.
Perhaps the very first day or 2 they will, but after a while theyre going to run out of questions.

Do you have a list? Or do you have access to a list? (Think JV with a list owner)… … If so, you have the possible to make money quickly.

Lets explore some possibilities… … I received an e-mail the other day from a mate who is changing specific niches. Apparently he is moving from IM to the coaching specific niche. And as hes transitioning over, hes making one last offer to his IM list:
For six weeks, he will address any concerns you have about IM in the areas he knows best. Not just will he address every question within 24 hours– he will also point you to a terrific resource that explains his response in information.
For this, he is charging about $300.
Consider it– he knows his specific niche. He understands how to do internet marketing. Answering concerns is pretty basic for him, Im sure. But hes also indicating a resource for every answer he offers.
Honestly, as long as you are somewhat knowledgeable about your specific niche and proficient at utilizing Google, you can do this, too.
Get the cash, remain on top of your e-mails, invest 5 minutes (or less) looking into a good article that addresses each question in depth, and youve got it.
You might be thinking, “What if people ask things I do not understand?” Google it. “What if they bombard me with a million questions?” It will not occur. Possibly the very first day or 2 they will, however after a while theyre going to run out of questions. After the first two weeks, I bet you dont even speak with a few of your trainees.
I do not see why anyone with a midway good knowledge of their niche cant perform this service.
And who states you can only do it when? You can use this service over and over again, as numerous times as you desire.
Google is your research partner. And list owners are your JV partners.
Something– make sure you really do send your people sincere, precise and useful info. You want to assist others as much as possible. Thats the method service works.
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