Do You Have Successive Approximations?

Ever notice how the different professions produce brand-new terms to try to make us feel foolish?
I hope you dont do that to your readers. And if you catch me doing it, slap me. Please.
Now then … a “successive approximation” is a rather silly term for a psychological trigger that you, as an online marketer, actually ought to understand …
Because it can put cash in your pocket.
Heres what it is in a nutshell:
As soon as someone has actually performed an action – – no matter how little– theyre more likely to continue performing extra actions that are in line with the first action.
They may even feel obligated to go along with larger requests.
When somebody has actually simply given you their e-mail address on your capture page, they are more most likely to buy your $7 ebook than someone who hasnt given their email address.
And when that person purchases your $7 ebook, they are more most likely to purchase your $47 product, as so forth.
That very first act of giving their e-mail address develops a bond in between them and you, and they feel obliged to continue doing something about it.
As marketers, we call this the foot in the door method.
And its why we dont start offering $1,997 courses to complete strangers.
The takeaway: Keep this rule in mind for all of your marketing, not simply sales funnels.
Getting people to take a little action such as sharing your post, liking your image, responding to your tweet, filling out your survey etc is your foot in the door.
Now your job is to keep asking and let your consumers and prospects keep stating yes.
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