Do You Have a Big, Fat, Hairy _____?

This is the ONE thing you need to have that makes everything else fall into location.

Heres a riddle for you:
What something MUST you have that gives whatever in your life function and makes your life much more exciting? And when you dont have it, everything is dull, monotonous and dull?
Let me put it another way– are you jumping out of bed in the morning, excited to get going?
Are you thrilled to work 12 hours in a day?
Do you look forward to your future a lot, you almost cant sleep at night?
If not, then you dont have a huge, fat, hairy objective– that a person thing you want more than anything else in this world.
This ought to be an objective that gets you so accelerated, you can not stop believing about it and working on it. You desire to put in long hours and do whatever it takes– no matter how frightening or new– to make it happen since it suggests a lot to you.
This objective is your reason for living and due to the fact that of it you look forward with eager anticipation towards the future.
Youve heard plenty of stories about overnight successes.
Someone begins a business and BAM! They sell that company for 10 million or perhaps 100 million dollars.
And all you can think is, “Wow, I want I might do that!”
You can. All it takes is a number of years of working 12 hours a day, 7 days a week on your big hairy objective.
That– believe it or not – – is how you end up being an over night success.
When you hear about the 7 or 8 figure sale of a new company, what you do not become aware of is the long hours the founder put in to make that company work.
How can you possibly put in such insane hours? Its simple, when its your big goal. When its what you want to do more than anything else, then it ends up being as enjoyable to you as hobbies are to other individuals.
Discover your huge fat hairy objective, whatever it might be. And after that do not let anything stop you from achieving that goal.
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