Congruent Depression: What It Is and How to Overcome It

“Everyone considers changing the world, but nobody thinks about changing himself.” ~ Leo Tolstoy
Every day Im stiff. Every day Im tired. These are the 2 main things that individuals with fibromyalgia deal with.
Ive faced so much hardship all at one time: no job, no income, no good friends, dealing with a mentally immature/narcissistic mom, and not living where I desire to live. All of this is making me sleep improperly.
Its all been disorderly and difficult and hasnt assisted my fibro or been practical considering that finding my extremely sensitive personality type a year and a half earlier.
Anybody would feel mentally down in the dumps if they experienced these uncomfortable experiences all the time. For a little while, I began to believe that perhaps I was truly depressed.
Its great to have someplace safe to vent, to feel heard and confirmed. Still, regardless of this intervention Ive had days where Ive felt down.
Today, the clouds parted.
I viewed a video on YouTube by Dr. K on consistent depression.
Its a type of affective anxiety that occurs:.
– When you have no fulfilling purpose.
– When youre in scenarios that you cant manage or have little control over.
– When something is lacking from your life.
This kind of anxiety is really normal. Youre experiencing an extremely human reaction to a slew of negative situations that you feel you have no power over. It is your body informing you that something needs to change.
It can likewise take place if you feel you have no instructions, or the paths youve taken have actually constantly led to bad outcomes.
Consistent anxiety can be treated if one does the following:.
1. Find function of some kind.
Many of us dont have to chop wood, work in fields, or trek back and forth to a well, and Im quite sure no one flights horses on dirt roadways. Its more difficult to discover true function when you dont truly require to do anything due to the fact that whatever is done by a device.
We can still find function by working on something that matters to us personally, combating for causes that we believe in, discovering ways to assist other people, and pursuing our enthusiasms and interests.
2. Get in touch with individuals (to deflect solitude).
As human beings, we are wired to be social/connect, but our contemporary digital world doesnt assist with this. Were the most linked we might have ever perhaps envisioned, yet we are really detached. I think this, aside from social media, is also another aspect in the increasing rates of suicide.
We require to connect with pals and family– face to face. When we cant link face to face, virtual linking works just fine, so long as physical range does not turn into psychological distance.
3. Find some way to handle mind-numbing monotony (that doesnt involve gaming, binge seeing, social networks, and so on).
Our leisure activities in the hyper-digital age are everything about intake, not creation. Theres less painting, playing instruments, working with our hands– the kind of things that bring pleasure and joy to the person and society at large.
Discover a pastime that you can immerse yourself in, something physically interesting and maybe even innovative– something that will get you out of your head and into a state of circulation.
4. Address the issues that contribute to your sensation of helplessness.
Re-locate, discover another job, or break off poisonous relationships, if these things are adding to your depression. None of these things are easy, however just taking actions to produce favorable modification can assist you feel empowered and more in control of your life.
Im actually thinking about moving at some time, pending COVID updates and my health, because I understand this would go a long method toward improving my state of mind.
5. Concentrate on self-discovery/self-help.
Discover your past injuries and commit yourself to healing. Work on getting rid of and identifying limiting beliefs. Discover how youre undermining yourself or holding yourself back so you can get past the blocks that keep you stuck.
Its just by discovering oneself, without the input of others prejudices or judgments, that a person can find peace and joy.
* Self-help resources are totally free and abundant nowadays. There are eBooks, podcasts, YouTube channels, blogs, websites, and Facebook groups to aid with your individual development. You can also use astrology, the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, and the enneagram to get a much better appearance at yourself on an individual level. I personally have actually been utilizing astrology and tarot to understand myself and have discovered both really handy, and Im loving the book Becoming Bulletproof by Evy Poumpouras.
You can take all the prescriptions you want, do all the therapy there is out there, but for many, these are pricey, time-consuming Band-Aids. They are not fixing whats in fact wrong– injury from maturing with abusive parents, the drudgery of working a dead-end task you dislike, the pain of sticking with a cheating spouse, and so on.
Thats not to say taking medication or doing therapy is wrong. However, if youre doing treatment and taking medication and nothing appears to enhance, then you require to do more. You need to make real changes in lifestyles, relationships, and tasks, to truly feel different.
Medication and treatments are merely aids to assist you restore a much better footing in the mental and physiological sense. The rest is truly approximately you.

About Jade BJade is a cat mom from Ontario, Canada. She has a bachelors degree in history and is a full-time visitor post contributor to many sites. You can discover her website at and her eBook Shes Sensitive on Amazon KDP.

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It is your body informing you that something needs to alter.
Its more difficult to find true purpose when you dont actually require to do anything because everything is done by a device.
I personally have actually been using astrology and tarot to understand myself and have actually discovered both extremely helpful, and Im loving the book Becoming Bulletproof by Evy Poumpouras.
You have to make actual changes in relationships, tasks, and way of lives, to actually feel different.
You can find her site at and her eBook Shes Sensitive on Amazon KDP.

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