Case Study: How to Get an Army of Affiliates PAYING You to BUILD Your List of Buyers

I stumbled upon this a couple of years earlier, and I have to state I was amazed. I just about joined this myself, and Im an experienced pro. This was done by a group of experienced marketers, however theres no reason why a new online marketer or online marketers couldnt do it, too.
Last time I examined, this funnel Im about to describe is still up and running and going strong. I do not desire anybody to really take their exact system, sales copy and funnel, so Im going to just give you the highlights and you can fill in the rest:
First you start with a sales funnel. Youve got a squeeze page providing an excellent little “how to do marketing” type of lead magnet. As soon as visitors get the lead magnet, and even if they attempt to click away without selecting up the lead magnet, they are then directed to a sales page for an online marketing subscription website.
The membership site has a number of levels, with the most affordable level being complimentary to join. Of course they highlight the complimentary level in the headline to keep people on the page, and then they extoll the virtues of the other levels. Each level has more and much better content, better assistance etc.
The complimentary level is relatively basic, but does give adequate information for a newbie to make a start in generating income online.
And obviously each level is more pricey than the previous level, with the prices altered a bit to motivate visitors to pick the highest level.
Ill give you an example of that prices to give you an idea of what Im talking about:
Level 1: Free
Level 2: $29 each month
Level 3: $44 per month
Level 4: $49 per month
These arent the specific cost points they used, however you get the idea. You see there is really little distinction in between level 3 and 4 in terms of price, but in regards to material there is a huge difference.
This is an excellent mental strategy, since it gets the prospect to study the distinctions between levels 3 and 4 while forgetting everything about level 2.
And naturally if theyre going to get a paid subscription, theyre probably to pick level 4.
The content is drip fed each week …
… and if youve been paying close attention, youve realized I havent have not truly you anything new.
Here it comes, so hang on to your seat, due to the fact that THIS is how you get affiliates to PAY you to send you a list of BUYERS:
( I love this bit!).
All of the levels offer a built-in affiliate program that sets the affiliates up to sell their own memberships for all of the levels they certify for.
This means if they are a level 2 member, they can distribute level 1 and sell level 2. If they occur to sell level 3 or 4, they still get paid, but not as much.
However if they are a level 4 member, they get to offer all four levels and KEEP ALL the money.
If they are level 4, thats right– they get to keep 100% of what they offer.
I hope this is making sense. It sounds complex at first, however its in fact fairly simple once you understand the idea.
Therefore youve got affiliates paying (in our example above) $49 a month for the benefit of keeping and offering memberships all the cash.
Thats a terrific deal for the affiliates? Definitely. You can see why I almost got on it.
The affiliates do not need to fret about hosting, satisfaction or any of that stuff, since the membership looks after all of that.
The affiliate gets a special sales page URL, squeeze page URL and subscription location.
The material is instantly drip fed into that members area. The subscriptions are handled for them, the levels are managed for them … all they have to do is make sales by promoting their squeeze page URL.
The affiliate gets to develop a list of potential customers and purchasers simply by promoting the URL, and of course they are earning recurring regular monthly earnings, too.
The list of prospects and customers remains in the system and can not be exported. Affiliates can just email their lists from inside the system. So if they drop out and stop paying their regular monthly cost, they lose their lists.
This can produce some really sticky affiliates who never leave.
Now for the icing … in the conditions, it is made explicitly clear that the subscription website operator( s) have access to all of the prospects and clients who register.
This implies they can email prospects and consumers whenever they like, making any offer they like. PLUS the site owners can also place offers in the subscription area.
Now think of what I just said … affiliates are paying you $49 a month (or whatever rate point you pick) to be able to develop you a list of clients and prospects.
And the affiliates are getting a fantastic deal, too, getting 100% month-to-month commissions and the capability to email their consumers and prospects from within your website.
Its a true win/ win for everybody involved, and done properly it can yield a significant amount of prospects and buyers for you, in addition to excellent month-to-month income to pay for a really nice membership site and have money left over.
They were making five figures a month from the membership site charges alone when I heard about this. This does not include what they were making from sending by mail to their ever-growing e-mail lists, or from the special promos they continually placed in the members location.
If you were making 5 figures from your subscription site AND having a team of affiliates working hard to construct your list of buyers and prospects, envision. Sweet.
I want I had actually begun my very first site in this manner– I d probably be retired today.
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Youve got a squeeze page offering a terrific little “how to do marketing” type of lead magnet. When visitors grab the lead magnet, or even if they try to click away without picking up the lead magnet, they are then directed to a sales page for an online marketing membership website.
The subscription website has a number of levels, with the least expensive level being totally free to sign up with. Of course they highlight the totally free level in the headline to keep individuals on the page, and then they extoll the virtues of the other levels. Each level has more and much better content, better assistance and so forth.

Yes, you check out that headline right. In truth, you may even wish to read it once again.
You can totally get affiliates to PAY YOU for the right to send you purchasers.

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