Case Study: Earn $3,000 Every Month in Residual Income Using an Autoresponder

Very first let me say that $3,000 is an ultra-conservative guess. I presume this person (well call him Mike) is making 3 to 5 times that much, however lets be conservative and call it $3,000……. Mike has found a method to make residual earnings that is ideal underneath all of our noses. Its an approach thats been taught for a couple of years or more, and yet very few marketers do this.
Im nearly favorable you currently understand of this method. However Im likewise pretty positive that you are not USING this technique, a minimum of not to the level Mike is using it.
On the technical side, all you need to make this work is a capture page and an autoresponder.
Remember, residual earnings is what you earn for work you do ONCE and earn money for over and over once again. You get royalties every time that tune is played if you compose a hit song. You get paid every month till that individual unsubscribes if you offer software as a service or a membership website.
And if youre Mike, you do what may be the simplest thing of all: You create specially made autoresponder series that last for several years, keep customers interested and continually offer, offer and sell some more.
Mikes ENTIRE organization design is developed around autoresponders. Its not simply a sideline for him, its what pays his bills, bought him a 2nd home and put his kids through college.
Heres what Mike does:.
He picks a niche. His favorites are weight loss/health, together with making money online. But he operates in a number of others too.
He composes a follow up series that goes on for years. YEARS. Naturally he does not do this all at as soon as. As soon as he targets a specific niche, he composes follow up emails for the very first couple of weeks prior to going active. He adds to the sequence on a routine basis until its about 3-5 years long (Im not joking!) He sends out about 1 email per day on average, although in some cases he sends out 2 emails if hes promoting something hard.
If youre going crazy about writing all these emails, remember 2 things: You simply need to write adequate e-mails to stay ahead of your earliest subscribers. And you can always outsource the work.
Mikes emails are a mixture of information, content, observations, humor, jokes, quotes… … pretty much whatever he feels like writing that he knows will interest his niche not just today however also in years to come. And every single email does something else, too. It offers.
In some cases the entire email is selling. Other times the selling part comes in about midway through the email.
He selects evergreen items that are most likely to still be readily available well into the future. ClickBank is his # 1 source for these.
He sells one item weekly. That is, he invests 7 days discussing just one product, what it can do for the reader, anecdotal stories of what its provided for others, typical concerns addressed and so forth.
And heres a little trick he uses: Because each week focuses on just one item, he makes it look like a brand-new product launch. Nor does he state that the item will no longer be offered after the week is over.
To create much more urgency, he likewise uses a perk that benefits that week just. His bonus offers are usually built on PLR that hes repurposed simply for this.
And heres where it gets even MORE fascinating: 5-6 times a year he promotes a PACKAGE of products that are all his. These are the exact same items hes been providing out as perks, all with big price tags connected so they look high worth.
Offering these PLR products as perks and then packaging them together to offer is optional to the system, but it does bring in more sales and earnings and it does not take all that much time to source excellent PLR items and relabel them.
Now then, this all sounds great but youre most likely questioning how he gets people to join his lists so he can send them all these emails on auto-pilot. And the answer is amazing lead magnets.
In fact, this is where he spends his real time and energy, since the much better the lead magnet is, the much easier it is to get customers. Frequently, hell buy the rights to an item thats offered well and offer that as his giveaway for joining his list. When you can state that an item offered 3,000 copies at $297 but the visitor can get it for free simply for subscribing, your conversion rates can get quite high. For his non-IM specific niches his conversion rate is over 70%, and for his internet marketing specific niche its about 50%, which is still exceptional.
By taking the time and expense to get the lead magnet right, he doesnt just increase the conversion rates on his capture pages. He likewise constructs a great deal of goodwill and trustworthiness with his new customers, which makes it easier to get his emails check out and his links clicked.
This all sounds fantastic? What about traffic?
Excellent concern. Mike pays for all of his traffic because he likes having the ability to switch on the traffic switch whenever he wants for as long as he wants. He currently knows what each subscriber on each list deserves for the first 6 months theyre on the list. Any sales that are available in after 6 months are just gravy.
His method is to spend as much as 50% of what he will make in the very first six months on advertising. So for instance if the typical subscriber makes him $3.00 in 6 months, hell invest as much as $1.50 to get that customer. Many of his customers stay with him for years, so in the end he in fact makes an excellent deal more than simply $3.00 apiece.
He buys his traffic from solo ads, Facebook advertisements and Google advertisements. He also uses a number of less widely known techniques, 2 of which I was able to pry out of him. Among these is paying Facebook Group leaders to promote his free deal to their members. And another method he utilizes is to pay item sellers to provide his totally free product on their download page. Since everybody who strikes the download page is a buyer, these tend to be especially good leads.
Naturally Mike utilizes a tracking service to discover out where his squeeze page traffic is coming from so he knows whats working.
Mike does have to inspect and make sure the products promoted in his series are still active. If one of them is no longer readily available, he just replaces and discovers a comparable item out the URLs and the product name.
And Mike does a great deal of cross promoting, too. If he has a list of individuals who utilize social media for online marketing, hell promote his complimentary video marketing lead magnet to that list to see if he can get them on a second and even 3rd list. Yes, this can indicate a subscriber is in possibly three various autoresponder series all at once, however the profits far, far surpass any unsubscribes.
As you can see the effort in this service design is getting things established. Once you do, it takes very little work to keep things running smoothly. And if you choose to take a month off, it should not impact your income, either.
Heres maybe the most interesting thing about this whole case study: Mike had no previous marketing or composing experience prior to establishing his first squeeze page– autoresponder funnel. He was good at technical stuff however never did any type of sales or marketing before.
And I wonder if this didnt assist him to be successful, because his writing is very basic and sounds like it comes from that a little strange person next door. He simply discusses what interests him in each specific niche, because he figures that exact same things will intrigue his readers. His grammar isnt terrific however he tells brand-new subscribers up front that hes no English teacher; hes just a guy like them who delights in doing XYZ similar to they do.
And if you select an evergreen specific niche that intrigues you, then I think you could easily develop a hands-free funnel like Mikes and start earning some of that residual income on autopilot. You set it up, send out a continuous stream of brand-new subscribers and get sales.
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And heres a little technique he utilizes: Because each week focuses on simply one item, he makes it look like a brand-new item launch. And heres where it gets even MORE intriguing: 5-6 times a year he promotes a PACKAGE of products that are all his. When you can state that a product sold 3,000 copies at $297 but the visitor can get it for complimentary just for subscribing, your conversion rates can get quite high. And another method he utilizes is to pay item sellers to provide his complimentary product on their download page. If one of them is no longer readily available, he merely discovers a comparable item and replaces out the URLs and the item name.

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