Case Study: $17,600 in Five Days on a $297 Investment

This is what he informed me …
” Heres an example of how I made over $17,600 in 5 days by investing $297 and a couple of hours of my time.
Okay, I didnt truly invest my time– I in fact paid a freelancer to do the work for me. But this is something you can easily do yourself if youre willing to put in a little time.
I discovered some dynamite top quality PLR on totally free traffic generation. It was great stuff, and even contained some things I didnt know.
It included an enormous manual, several written perks and a sales page.
And at this price point, I knew that there would not be a lots of competition, either.
Frankly, I would have happily paid a freelancer $1,000 to write this exact same material for me, but in this case it was an easy matter of paying the $297 and having it in hand.
Since I didnt want anyone to understand this wasnt my own original things, I disposed of the sales page.
Then I had my freelancer go through the composed material and put more personality into it, so it sounds like its originating from me. He already knows my style so this was simple for him and just took a couple of hours.
Next, he broke it up into 24 PDFs. Each PDF in-depth a couple of free traffic approaches.
Basically, we were building a course on how to create totally free, targeted traffic. And who does not require that?
I composed a brand-new sales letter for it in my own design.
And I used two choices– they could either make 3 payments of $47 a month, and get 2 pdfs every week, or …
… they might pay $137 in advance and get whatever at the same time, plus e-mail support for 6 weeks.
Really, I believed the $137 was a no-brainer, since it was cheaper and included email assistance and they didnt have to wait to get the entire course.
Then I sent out the deal out to my list, and in 5 days I made over $17,600.
Regarding the email support, I worked with someone to manage that for me. And I paid them after the cash started rolling in so I wasnt expense on that, either.
Nice, right?
I wasnt done.
I then made a brand-new deal for $47 a month for 3 months, or $97 one time and whatever in advance, but NO e-mail assistance this time.
And I let affiliates take a fracture at selling it.
I made over $10,000 from that too, after affiliate commissions were paid.
Okay, frankly I made an excellent bit more than $10,000, but Im not going to state simply how much due to the fact that often it seems like bragging, you understand what I imply?
And heres the kicker– Ive done very similar things numerous times over the previous 18 months.
The numbers are always various, but what never alters is I make a good bit of money with really little work.
Due to the fact that I like doing that myself, I contract out just about anything that needs to be done except the sales copy.
And when I let affiliates sell it, I get an entire new list of purchasers, too.”
As you can see, he does rather well with this approach. And a lot of impressive of all is how little time he invests into each item.
Some things to consider:
Youll require to promote to make sales or construct your list if you do not have a list. Even if you desire affiliates to promote, youll require to get some preliminary sales yourself to prove that it does undoubtedly offer.
Youll have to hunt around for terrific quality PLR. Its challenging to find, and when you do discover it, it generally costs a bargain more than the normal ten dollars approximately. However as you can see, if you utilize it then its an excellent financial investment.
The very first time you do this, I recommend you make any modifications yourself unless you can manage to work with an expert to do it.
One thing he didnt point out was the item name– youll want to change it to make it sound distinct to you.
And I recommend including your own introduction to the material also, once again to make it your own.
One last thing– theres no reason you cant place some strategic affiliates links in the product. If your course encourages the usage of an autoresponder, then provide an affiliate link to the service you suggest, and so forth.
And one crazy idea for the roadway … what if you did all of this, but then you distributed 75% or more of your commissions to affiliates?
If youre relatively brand-new to marketing, then paying high commissions is an excellent method to attract brand-new affiliates.
Youll get more of them on board, youll sell more products, youll develop your list of purchasers much faster, and these very same affiliates will be far more interested in promoting your future courses if they currently had success promoting your first one.
Simply an idea …
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A pal of mine who wishes to remain anonymous has agreed to inform you among his lucrative methods. And while he might be leaving some minor details out, I think there is sufficient here to set you on a really comparable path if you choose.

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