Case Study: $15,000 Cash for Content not Yet Created

And rather than limit the number of memberships she sold, she rather made her members “certify”. At $27 a month, you truly dont desire to have subscription limits, even if it does make it simpler to sell out.
He sent by mail out to every single past member of his membership site and offered them a complete year of subscription for just $99. Envision if you can promote your PLR subscription site by stating that you offered the very items in the site and heres your conversion rate and heres your profit and heres when you offered it. And yes, offering your PLR to end users is just one more stream of income from your PLR membership site.

Okay, this case research study is a little odd due to the fact that Im essentially going to combine two case studies into one. That is, Im going to take the best of each of the 2 case studies, toss out what didnt work well and show you how you can optimize your own earnings with your own PLR website.

I do not imply a website that you build using PLR products– this is a website that offers a regular monthly subscription to online marketers that allows them to access and utilize the PLR materials you supply.
He sold exactly 100 memberships to get this PLR. Since of this, those initial 100 subscriptions at $29 each offered out within a couple of hours.
Here was the problem… … it was topped at 100 members. The very thing that made it easy to sell was also the important things that restricted just how much Mark would earn every month. When somebody dropped out of the subscription, he alerted his wait list to see if another person wished to join. But once again, he might never have more than 100 members at any one time.
Thats when Mark got innovative: He began building little websites that included a landing page, a lead magnet and a primary site that promoted ClickBank affiliate links. Every month he would construct five of these, all different however all utilizing the same PLR materials from that month. Some of the products were used for the lead magnet, some for the main site, and the ClickBank promos were for related items.
Then he sold each of these five sites, each on its own special URL. This little action more than doubled his earnings, making him about $5,000 a month after the cost of getting his PLR materials composed.
Go into Susan. She, too, built a PLR subscription website, but her specific niche was self-improvement. And instead of limit the number of memberships she offered, she rather made her members “certify”. She did this by having them do one of two things: They might offer the URL of their self-improvement or coaching site or social media page.
If they didnt yet have a site, they could supply their strategy for developing their self-improvement or coaching service (20-50 words) and license they would be utilizing the products to help others. The concept was that you needed to be a self-improvement or training professional to qualify, however the reality was almost anyone might pass the test.
Now Susan might offer as many memberships as she liked. A lot of joint endeavors came out of that FB Page.
Susan charges $47 a month for her membership. And due to the fact that people must qualify, they remain for longer and seem to appreciate the membership more.
Both Mark and Susan promote other items inside their membership area. These are products that are incredibly useful along with being classic. Since neither marketer desires to ruin their reputation with their members, no junk is promoted inside the subscriptions.
This bundle is given for complimentary to everyone who has actually made a purchase from inside the membership website, or they can purchase it for $47. This encourages members to purchase something in addition to the subscription every six months. Of course, its the self-improvement PLR subscription.
Mark and Susan also offer previous bundles to new members. When someone brand-new joins the membership, they are offered the possibility to buy previous months PLR plans. Susan uses every bundle ever produced for the subscription, either offered individually or as one big discounted bundle.
Mark, on the other hand, just sells bundles that are at least 6 months old due to the fact that of his rule of limiting the number of members he can have. It wouldnt seem right to him to sell last months bundle to the 100 active members last month AND to 10 brand-new members this month.
By now youre pertaining to the exact same conclusion I reached… … limiting the variety of members is a BAD concept. A possible exception may be if you charge a LOT of cash. At $27 a month, you really do not desire to have membership limits, even if it does make it simpler to offer out.
She makes it completely clear that if someone resigns a membership, they are gone permanently. Really few individuals in a subscription will leave and then later desire to come back.
Shes had members who asked to be comped for a month or two who subsequently remained with her for another year or two after that period. You could say she treats her members like household and it truly pays off.
Now heres what Mark did one day when he was desperate for cash: He remained in the middle of buying a home and recognized things would go a lot smoother if he had another $10,000 for his down payment. The problem was, he needed this cash right now. He sent by mail out to every single past member of his membership site and provided them a full year of membership for simply $99. A surprisingly large portion of those past members stated yes to the deal. Then he sent by mail to his list and provided the same deal, resulting in much more sales and near $15,000 in his pocket.
Yes, I understand what youre believing… … what about his limit of 100 members? He worked so hard not to violate that guideline, and then he went and more than doubled his members by offering the yearly alternative. Im not going to judge– I just report. Once again, possibly its not the best thing long term to state youre going to restrict the number of members you have for your subscription.
If youre questioning what sort of PLR you would require to develop or have another person develop for your site, heres my guidance on that point:
Enjoy what is selling right now in your niche. Make the quality such that you would have no trouble selling it to the end user. An excellent secret to selling any PLR is to first offer it to the end user to PROVE that its great adequate to sell.
Envision if you can promote your PLR subscription site by stating that you offered the very products in the site and heres your conversion rate and heres your earnings and heres when you sold it. You might update your sales letter each month with the brand-new PLR product and statistics for that month. And yes, selling your PLR to end users is simply another stream of income from your PLR membership site.
Heres one more trick that Mark used to include another earnings stream and much better maintain his members: He provided STEEP discounts on products to his members. Think it or not, this scarcity technique was highly efficient and he typically offered all 20 copies to his membership of 100.
Heres an example of something he offered just recently: It was a $1,000 product that he provided to his members at an 80% discount rate, bringing it down to $200. 50% commission meant he earned $100 per sale, times 20 sales and thats an extra $2,000.
PLR is alive and well and selling like gangbusters. And with a little preparation you too can have your own PLR membership website with possibly a number of streams of income.
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