Case Study: $1,000 per Week in Offline ‘Ready-made’ Websites

Heres what she does:
She chose a niche– in her case, regional specialists who work directly with house owners– and focuses exclusively on that niche. However, she does this all over the nation, not just in her home city. By doing this she never ever runs out of prospects.
When it pertains to local professionals, she works with plumbing technicians, electrical contractors, handymen services, carpenters, yard care services, roofing professionals and painters.
Shes looking only for professionals that house owners hire one-on-one. This is necessary, because specialists that work generally as subcontractors and get all their overcome other specialists arent a good suitable for her service model.
She picks a city and starts looking for each of the various types of specialists, searching for the ones that have a lousy looking site or perhaps no site at all.
She contacts them and offers them a ready-made website when she finds these professionals. Now heres where it gets really intriguing– when I say ready-made, I imply the site is already made. Shes already had it built, total with the specialists information, photos, contact numbers and everything.
The contractor, who usually understands nothing about websites, is usually blown away. Heres a beautiful website total with all his information, prepared to go. All he needs to do is pay for the site and its live within 24 hours, ready to send him brand-new consumers.
Now heres the trick: The sites are all developed utilizing the exact same WordPress style. And a lot more significantly, every website can easily be switched from one organization to another.
So for example, if Bob the plumbing does not buy the site, its no issue. Merely switch out the images, name and contact details to another plumbing professional and offer it to him. It takes less than 30 minutes, and probably half that quantity of time after youve done a few of them.
Lets talk numbers:
How lots of specialists buy the website? Normally about 4 to 5 out of 10. This implies you may need to contact 2.5 professionals to make one sale. Still, those are exceptional numbers.
What should you charge for the website? Its going to partially depend on the specific niche you pick, but $1,000 to $1,500 is affordable.
Contracting out?
Yes, you can outsource the site building and the site changing if a website doesnt sell. Discover someone who can turn these around rapidly and pay a little extra– its worth it.
If you sell among these a week, you can profit about $1,000, depending upon what you charge and your outsourcing expenses.
But naturally, who states you should only offer one? Sell 20 if you like.
Residual income?
Yes, you can charge a month-to-month charge for hosting, and also for the URL if you own it. Keep the charge reasonable– $25 to $50 a month, for example. Offer 100 sites and youve got a $2,500 to $5,000 a month recurring income.
Keep in mind, what you charge is in between you and the customer, and its flexible, too.
How to sell a website:
If youre comfy calling on the phone, then merely call them up and let them understand youve built a site for them. That will get their attention.
If possible, have them go to the URL while you are on the phone with them, and verbally assist them through all the functions of the site, discussing how it will grow their credibility and business.
You can utilize e-mail if youre not comfy on the phone. This isnt rather as reliable, but it can still work. Email them and let them understand you built them a site, providing the URL.
Make certain to put your telephone number in there, so they can call you and you can get it moved over to their domain. When they call, stroll them through the site, discuss the functions and advantages and seal the deal.
3rd alternative: If you are one of those folks who HATES selling ANYTHING on the phone– and you understand who you are– then you can visit them personally and reveal them the website on your laptop computer.
Fourth choice: If you are one of those folks who just plain hates SELLING, then hire somebody to do the selling for you. It should be somebody currently in sales who is looking to make a few additional dollars.
Undoubtedly this wont be a full-time gig– not even close– but for every sale they make youll pay them $X amount of cash.
If you go with this 4th alternative, I recommend the following: Build a number of websites at the same time for a number of various services. This way you can send your sales individual several tasks to sell at when, making it a lot more financially rewarding for him or her.
And of course you will still repurpose the ones that dont get sold, tailoring them for other organizations so absolutely nothing ever goes to squander.
Things to Know:
Including 3 to 5 short articles makes the website even more effective. For example, for plumbing you may have articles on how to choose a great plumbing, how to understand when you need a plumbing and when you can fix something yourself, how to do a simple pipes task yourself and so forth.
The articles need to be 90% handy and at a lot of 10% salesy. The point is to make the specialist appear like the useful, honest individual he or she hopefully is.
Take photos from their present website and use those on the new site. Yes, its that simple. You can also toss in stock images as well.
And of course if they dont currently have a website or a Facebook page, then youll require to use all stock pictures.
Its easy to also offer them things like SEO if you want to once you offer them a ready-made website.
Niches to consider:
Professionals, certainly. But dining establishments are good, too. Any service market is great– for instance, massage therapists.
Some individuals will wish to target chiropractic specialists, attorneys, medical professionals, and so on, however remember that experts who make a lot of money often already have excellent looking websites.
Your perfect market is one where the organization reaches out to customers, not to other businesses. And where they often have lousy, out of date websites.
Now just imagine this:
You have your website home builder make a dozen or more sites weekly.
You or your sales person makes the calls to offer those websites, and 6 of them get sold at $1,200 each.
You pay your site contractor $100 to $200 per website, and if youre utilizing a salesperson, you pay them the exact same.
At the end of the week you have actually earned a cool $7,200 minus fees paid to your website home builder (and your sales person, if you utilize one.) Plus you have 6 or more sites already developed that simply require to be switched to new services.
Obviously, you can always build and offer the sites yourself, in which case the entire $7,200 is yours.
The following week, you get 12 more websites ready, plus you have actually the six repurposed websites. Half of them sell – – making 9 sales – which is$ 10,800 gross. Plus you have 9 more sites that simply require to be repurposed, and so forth.
And youre likewise charging small month-to-month ongoing charges for hosting, too, which includes up gradually.
Do you see the potential?
Of course your outcomes will differ. You might only charge $1,000, or you might charge $1,500. You might offer 50% of your websites, or you might sell less than that.
No matter the information, this is a powerful formula for making excellent cash in the offline world without having to sweat things like local SEO.
And naturally once you build a relationship with your brand-new customers, you can always offer the other services as well.
KEEP IN MIND: Some of you may be wondering how hard it is to offer a prepared made site for a service at $1,000 to 1,500, so I d thought I d share what took place to me yesterday …
I was speaking with this guy who is an expert supervisor. He wishes to begin a personal political blog (nothing to do with his routine task) and wished to know who he could hire to construct this blog site for him.
I asked what his budget plan was, and I kid you not … he stated he “knew” he would need to spend at least $1,000 to get someone to establish a blog site for him. And he didnt desire to go greater than $1,500.
For a WordPress blog site!
I told him I believed I knew somebody …
A tip:
Focus your energies on building this service, rather than operating in this company. Unless you are already extremely quick at building great looking websites, employ someone who is quick and really, really great.
You can use the same one or two WordPress styles over and over again to improve the operation.
And pick one main niche to concentrate on. Dont begin trying to build sites for chiropractic specialists AND plumbing technicians AND massage therapists … just select one and get really proficient at it.
And only then do you branch out to other occupations.
Take careful notes of what works and what doesnt. Return to your consumers and ask what specifically made them purchase the site. Ask what made them think twice, too. You wish to discover out their objections so you can overcome them prior to your next sales presentations.
When someone states no, do not sweat it. You are going to get lots of nos, but as you do this youre also going to get increasingly more yess. Its just part of the sales game.
Do not focus solely on your local location. You can develop sites for any expert throughout your nation. Dont go outside of your own nation, at least in the beginning, because individuals tend to have a higher mistrust for anybody outside of their country.
Build a site for your organization. Your site needs to describe who you have and are lots of pictures of you and your team.
Compose brief posts for your site that describes the value of having a terrific looking, professional website if youre a plumber, or massage therapist, or whatever occupation youre targeting.
Tips to building a terrific expert looking site:
Have a constant brand identity. Utilize their logo design throughout, too using the same colors, font styles and so forth. Let them understand you can alter the colors, too, if they like.
Many small business individuals still dont know the value of capturing leads, so put an optin kind on every page. Describe to the possibility why the kind is there and how it will increase their organization.
Be mobile-friendly. This simply about goes without stating, but we believed we better include it to the list. Your websites MUST look as excellent on mobile as they do on other devices.
Inform their story and make them the hero. Perhaps absolutely nothing will sell your sites quicker than telling their story. Now naturally, you may not KNOW their story, however you can certainly take a guess. “I ended up being a massage therapist since I enjoy making people feel great. And when they feel great, they can achieve a lot more. Their interactions with their friends and family are better and more loving, their …” You get the idea. Make your professional or little organization individual noise like a hero and you will offer the site.
Use as lots of pictures of their actual company as you can. If they currently have a site, pull pictures from that, along with their Facebook page and anything else you can discover online.
Oddly enough, your very first goal is to impress the person youre selling the website to (your customer) and not their end user. If you keep this in mind, youll do great. For example, utilize any slogan, slogan or heading they currently have, such as “McGuiver and Sons Plumbing, Serving Cincinnati Since 1984.” Theyre proud of this and they wish to see it plastered big and vibrant on their website.
If you find reviews online for their business, copy and paste them onto the website. You might discover these on any of the evaluation type of websites, such as Google, Yelp, Yahoo and so forth. Obviously you will just utilize the positive reviews and not the unfavorable ones.
Go ahead and link to those on the site if they have social media accounts.
Place a strong call to action on each page, such as “Call 800-555-1234 to schedule your assessment today.” When you talk to the future website owner on the phone, you can mention how this can increase their inbound calls.
Keep it relatively basic and do it the exact same method each time. If youre constantly needing to develop a new website whenever, its going to take too long.
Instead, hang out developing the best website, and after that merely switch out the information each time for each website. Switch the details, the colors, the testimonials, the pictures, and so on, so that each website looks distinct, yet its truly the same formula utilized over and over again.
This will keep it basic and quick for you or your site contractor, and you wont forget elements from one site to the next.
Now Lets Make this Business Model Even MORE Lucrative:
I constantly like to have an upsell. In some cases an upsell to my upsell, even.
However in this case, what Im about to suggest can be utilized as an upsell OR even as a downsell.
You contact an organization owner and reveal them the groovy website you made for them. They may feel bad that they didnt purchase the website that you spent hours and hours constructing for them (hey, they dont need to know it took your outsourcer 30 minutes to do it.).
Plus, youre offering such a terrific worth, it would be dumb for them to state no.
Or … they DO purchase the website you built for them. They have visions of how their business is going to take off now due to the fact that of the site.
What is this upsell/ downsell Im talking about?
Okay, very first lets presume that you are targeting just specialists, or only dining establishments, or only massage therapists … to put it simply, you are focusing on ONE niche.
And lets further state that youve done your research on this specific niche.
Youve Googled their occupation, found out everything about them, and perhaps even Googled “Contractor marketing recommendations” or “Restaurant marketing recommendations,” etc.
Youve also developed (all right, this does involve some work) an online marketing membership website simply for their niche.
“Marketing for dining establishment owners,” or “Marketing for massage therapists.”.
Mind you, 95% of your marketing advice is going to be the precise very same recommendations you would offer to any organization or professional. Youll just be inserting their language and terms, along with customizing it a bit to their specific niche.
You teach social networks, list structure, SEO, lead generation, and so on. Most of your content can originate from quality PLR sources; just keep in mind to personalize it.
Include a private Facebook page or forum where they can ask questions and network.
You sell this regular monthly membership for whatever you desire. I advise $47 – – $97 a month, due to the fact that its a great cost point for an organization. Its not a lot that they fret about it, but its huge enough that you are making a good revenue, even in the beginning when you only have your very first handful of members.
If they stay an active member for a particular length of time (a year?), you might even make them an offer where From that point on their subscription is FREE.
What a deal!
You are teaching them everything they need to learn about marketing their organization at a rate that is genuinely budget-friendly. How can they say no?
Remember, you provide this to EVERY organization individual you call, regardless of whether or not they purchase the website you built for them.
So even if they do not buy the website, if they take the subscription offer at $97 for 12 months (and after that its complimentary) youve still made $1,164, which is most likely near to what youre charging for the sites.
Wait, theres more …
What if you approach offline marketers online marketers deal with people individuals your niche, and let them act as affiliates for your membership subscription?
They make sales and you split the regular monthly recurring 50/50 with them.
This relocation alone can put another 5 figures into your pocket each year.
And by the way, you can outsource the entire thing.
Dont you simply like marketing?
I understand I do!!!
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Take pictures from their current site and use those on the new site. Go back to your clients and ask what particularly made them purchase the site. If you discover testimonials online for their company, copy and paste them onto the site. You get in touch with a business owner and reveal them the groovy website you made for them. They have visions of how their company is going to take off now because of the site.

One of the issues of working with physical type companies is continuously needing to work on things like SEO. Sure, you charge a monthly fee for the services, however that makes it more difficult to sell, too.
However what if there was a simple and fast method to make offline cash, AND create a monthly repeating income, too?
One gal I know is doing just that. She makes outstanding cash upfront– usually $1,200 or more before expenses, and she gets a monthly recurring charge, too, paid to her immediately.

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