Are You Denying Your Readers the Netflix Experience They Crave?

And you see it, and you LOVE it, and you desire to see the rest of the videos. We desire our details NOW, while we are hot about the topic. If you desire to utilize tracking for engagement analytics, you might speed up the process for the reader. When someone is hot on the trail of a particular topic, or looking to fix a specific problem, you dont desire to provide them with your offer next week– you desire to present it NOW. They want MORE.

There, now that I have my confession out the way, I need to tell you what Ive been considering recently.
Why is it that we binge watch reveals on Netflix, however we administer content to our readers like its bread crumbs? And scarce bread crumbs, at that?
Think about it– you desire to find out something new. Possibly you wish to learn whatever you can about video marketing.
You begin looking, and you find a terrific short article on a site about this specific thing. The website even uses to send you a whole e-mail course on video marketing and you register.
Problem is, you desire the remainder of the course NOW. You keep searching, and you land on other sites and read other articles and see other videos.
And you forget everything about that first site you were at.
A day later you get an e-mail– installment # 1 of your course. You never read those emails, do you?
Ive done the very same thing lots of times. Yet I still parse out my material to readers as though they are doing definitely nothing however sitting there, waiting on the newest installation …
When in reality theyve probably forgotten all about me.
Or what about those item launches where they dole out one video every three days? “Watch this wonderful video to discover blah blah.” And you see it, and you LOVE it, and you want to see the rest of the videos. Other than theyre not online yet.
” The next video will be readily available in X days.” You do not want to wait “X” days, you want to see it NOW.
And when its finally available, youve forgotten everything about it. The ironic thing is, if they had all of the videos online when you were interested, you would have seen all of them right now. And if they were succeeded, you might have bought the item they promoted at the end of the last video, too.
But by the time the product is released, you dont even remember what they were talking about.
Been there, done that. Often times, too.
And then theres the easy short article on your website. You do one short article about video marketing, one post about material marketing, one short article about SEO, etc.
The reader ends up the short article theyre interested in and searches for more on the exact same subject. There are no more. Therefore they leave.
Mind you, all three of these techniques worked fantastic a few years ago. And Im not stating they dont work now. However I ensure they are not working almost in addition to they used to.
And we can thank Netflix for that, and the web, and the proliferation of what you desire, when you desire it in simply about every specific niche possible.
We are no longer content to wait. We want our information NOW, while we are hot about the topic. Not later on.
And your readers and audiences are no various.
So whats the service?
We offer our readers and audiences the chance to binge all they want.
Youve got a short article on your website about creating targeted traffic? Good. Now write 5 more, all on various elements or strategies of traffic generation, and connect them entirely.
When somebody finishes any among those 6 articles, they discover links at the bottom that take them to any of the other 5 articles. They now have CHOICES on where to go next, and all of the options are good ones since they are directly related to what they simply picked to check out.
They also discover a link that takes them to your super-duper traffic generation item, too.
Theyll keep clicking and checking out if your articles are excellent. And if they are satisfied enough, they will ultimately click on that product link they keep seeing.
And you will make sales.
Your readers will enjoy since they discovered everything they required in one location.
You will more than happy because they remain on your site longer, theyre most likely to sign up for your newsletter, and youre making sales.
What about those e-mail courses– why not let the reader accelerate the process?
At the bottom of each email in the series, you can let them understand that the next installment is coming tomorrow. Or, they desire to see it now, merely click on this link.
If you desire to utilize tracking for engagement analytics, you may accelerate the process for the reader. Did they engage with emails 1 and 2? Perhaps its time to send them directly to email # 5, and so forth.
The more engaged your reader is, the more alternatives they ought to need to continue consuming your content.
As a marketer you have an excellent reward to do this, which weve currently meant.
When someone is hot on the path of a specific subject, or looking to resolve a particular problem, you dont desire to provide them with your offer next week– you want to present it NOW. Because theyve engaged with your content, theyre hot. They desire MORE.
Let them know that as great as your material is, the REAL meat remains in your product. And enjoy them bite. Go on… … Give your readers the Netflix experience they really desire!
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Pssst … I know youve probably never ever done this, however I have. Ive took a seat and binge enjoyed a whole lot of episodes from one series on Netflix, and yes, I enjoyed it.

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