10 Quotes You Need to Read If You Struggle with Anxiety

Have you ever received well-intentioned advice while facing intense anxiety, just to feel evaluated, misunderstood, or condescended?
Like, “Calm down!” Or “Just be favorable!” Or “Dont worry so much!”
The people who try to help usually wish to do simply that, however its always much easier to recommend someone when youre not feeling what theyre feeling, because you have the advantage of logical idea– which goes out the window when fight-or-flight mode takes control of.
And if youve never ever felt the depth of anxiety some of us experience– possibly because you werent conditioned that method through injury, or youve found out to obstruct or resist your emotions– its difficult to truly comprehend what its like or what it takes to make it through it.
This is why I have appreciated checking out stories and suggestions from individuals whove been there and really get what its like. People who are thoroughly knowledgeable about stress and anxietys blood-pumping, heart-racing, mind-spiraling insanity, and have both compassion and insight to use.
Checking out about their experiences and whats been useful to them always makes me feel a little less alone and a lot much better equipped to deal with the twisters in my head and my heart.
With this in mind, I chose to accumulate a collection of powerful quotes from stress and anxiety posts through the years. I hope something here supplies you with the very same peace and convenience these ideas have actually provided me!
If You Struggle with Anxiety, 10 Quotes You Need to Read
“Without a doubt, the most crucial thing to remember is that its alright to feel overloaded and stressed out. Its okay to feel uncertain and lost. ~ Ilene S. Cohen (from When You Feel Bad About Feeling Sad and Anxious).
2.” When you observe your thoughts, youre able to pick which to believe and which to let pass. You can choose not to think that somebody else suggested to injure you, that you did something wrong, or you are worthy of to be evaluated. You can see these ideas as absolutely nothing more than knee-jerk responses to a viewed offense, and not reflections of truth or ideas you need to let influence your state of mind.” ~ Kimberly Diaz-Rosso (from How to Stop Dwelling: A Simple Practice to Let Go of Anxious Thoughts).
“When you feel like fleeing or running, its time to face your fear with nerve. ~ Carly Hamilton-Jones (from How to Tackle Fear and Anxiety, Cognitively, Behaviorally, and Spiritually).
4. “No matter how near home stress and anxiety hits, there is always a lie hiding in it someplace. Maybe its based upon an incorrect belief. Maybe the problem doesnt need to be handled as right away as it feels. Maybe there are choices we havent thought about. Anxiety always– constantly– includes a lie. It might be in-our-face and huge, or it could be small, challenging, and subtle. Look hard adequate and we will uncover it … Finding the lie takes the teeth out of the stress and anxiety.” ~ Jason Large (from 4 Life-Changing Lessons for People Who Struggle with Anxiety).
5. “Instead of packing down your anxiety, stress and anxiety, shame, solitude– or whatever feeling youre lured to resist– ask yourself: What message is it attempting to send out to me? What would I do in a different way in my life if I listened to this feeling rather of reducing it?” ~ Kelly Martin (from How Embracing and Loving My “Negative Emotions” Helped Me Heal).
This is an exceptionally subtle belief that most of us do not even understand we are holding onto. Our ego techniques us into believing we need this sensation to get things done, when we can let it go, we see a lot of our anxiety dissolves and our relaxation deepens. ~ Benjamin Fishel (from 9 Beliefs You Have to Let Go if You Want to Find Inner Peace).
“When we draw conclusions about a scenario without checking the facts initially, we can escalate it into a full-blown crisis in our minds. Thats called globalizing. ~ Paula Jones (from To Reduce Stress, Stop Globalizing and Put Things in Perspective).
8.” Eventually, it passes. It constantly does. We are left sensation drained pipes or depressed or numb or embarrassed. I tend to get upset … We recuperate, though, and thats precisely why individuals who have panic attacks are warriors. We fight battles every day. We understand the nature of The Beast. We do not always know when hell strike, however we understand that we will survive whatever he throws at us. Weve dealt with death in our own method, and it hasnt beaten us. We made it through the last panic attack, and well endure the next one. We have no option.” ~ Haley West (from Inside a Panic Attack: What Its Like When Anxiety Strikes).
9. ” Our primal brain is wired to look for satisfaction and avoid pain; and stress and anxiety is typically brought on by stressing over the potential discomfort that we may feel in the future. Often were so scared of emotional pain and loss that we forget that they cant physically hurt us. And this is where the saying make peace with pain will serve you effectively, due to the fact that your capability to be unpleasant is straight associated to your ability to be a relaxed individual. Sometimes we assume that we require to be comfy in order to be relaxed. Sometimes being relaxed just means feeling uncomfortable and being fine with that. The more pain youre able to tolerate, the less youll stress over avoiding it from happening.” ~ Kari Dahlgren (from 3 Ways to Stop Worrying and Feel Less Anxious).
“In the middle of uncertainty-induced stress and anxiety, our vision narrows, literally and metaphorically. Know that this is what is happening and advise yourself that there are alternatives that you cant perhaps see right now. ~ Dr. Amy Johnson (from How to Feel Less Stressed About the Uncertain Future).
Which of these quotes resonated most strongly with you? And are there other quotes youve found especially comforting or helpful?

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~ Ilene S. Cohen (from When You Feel Bad About Feeling Anxious and unfortunate).
~ Jason Large (from 4 Life-Changing Lessons for People Who Struggle with Anxiety).
” Our primal brain is wired to seek pleasure and avoid discomfort; and anxiety is frequently caused by stressing about the potential pain that we might feel in the future. ~ Kari Dahlgren (from 3 Ways to Stop Worrying and Feel Less Anxious).
~ Dr. Amy Johnson (from How to Feel Less Stressed About the Uncertain Future).

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